Assessing the extent of a hoarding situation can help you to determine what to do next. Any of these assessment tools can be used by an individual to self-assess, or by a friend, support worker or family member.

This tool uses three sets of photographs depicting escalating levels of clutter in a bedroom, living room and kitchen. Choose the most appropriate for your situation.

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Frost RO, Steketee G, Tolin DF, Renaud S

This scale can be used to rate the cleanliness of a person's accommodation. It includes a four point system for rating accessibility, accumulation of refuse and other items, cleanliness, odour and vermin. There is also a set of questions about accessibility, water, electricity, security, maintenance and structure and health and safety risks.

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Professor John Snowdon and Dr Graeme Halliday

This tool will help you to identify if there are issues that need further investigation.

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This scale rates a person's difficulty with using the rooms in their house, discarding things, collecting and acquiring things, their emotional distress and impairments.

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